German Team ‘black up’ in Racism Protest

A German football team have turned their faces black in protest against what they claim was a racist attack on two of their players.

Deinster SV, who play in the low-level Kreisliga Stade division, digitally altered a team photo to make their players have black faces and posted it on the club’s Facebook page.


Head coach Sonke Kreibich said two of his players, Emad Babiker and Amar Alnoor, were subjected to verbal and physical abuse while the team were out celebrating a victory on Saturday. Babiker and Alnoor are both Sudanese refugees.

A caption posted beneath the edited photo read: “Our friend and fellow player Emad was on Saturday, on racial grounds, insulted and beaten. This is just sad!

“Violence against refugees is pathetic!! Emad and Amar – you belong to us and we are pleased that you are with us!!!” Kreibich explained how the two players were beaten on a dance floor and then Babiker was subjected to further physical abuse on his way home, which left him with a swollen eye.

“We as a team were stunned and asked us how we can respond,” Kreibich told the Jetzt website. “We wanted to set an example, both inwardly and outwardly. “It should be made clear that Emad and Amar are an integral part of our team and not a minority, to which one can let out personal frustration with violence.”


The posted photo had more than 18,000 likes on Facebook and comments underneath showed a largely positive response. One user wrote: “Great response to the xenophobic attacks against your fellow players. Way to go, hold together and shows moral courage.”

Another wrote: “My respect to you for this great cohesion! Class, way to go!” Others, however, were less impressed.

One user posted: “Unfortunately, you are you not aware that the ‘ Blackface’ tradition always makes a fool out of people with dark skin, whether from contempt or out of solidarity. Please don’t repeat it, and please do a little research!” (Eurosport)

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