Leopards Chair Mule Reaches out to Opwora ahead of Fundraiser

AFC Leopards will hold yet another fundraiser on October 2 in their latest attempt to raise funds to settle outstanding players’ salaries and allowances.   

The fundraiser which was to take place on 7th August 2015 was postponed after most of those who had been invited confirmed their unavailability.

With two factions fighting over the control of the club, the event is a pipe dream of success and Chairman Dan Mule says he is overwhelmed by the demands at the club.

Sorry state

“We are in a very sorry state. We don’t have any money to run the club,” he told Four4TwoMedia.

“All we are doing is fighting for power and nobody seems to be coming forth with a lasting solution to the current state of affairs.”

Mule says it has become hard for any sponsor to come forth due to the evident disorderliness at the club. He wants all those fighting for leadership to show better character and come forth with solutions.

“It does not benefit the club in any way when we go all over the social media to chest thump on how we rule the club.

“We should all come together and ensure that the playing unit is intact, allowances paid and fans troop back to the stadium,” he said.

Opwora Headache

Mule has urged breakaway faction led by Matthews Opwora to unite for the betterment of the Leopards who are struggling both on and off the pitch.

“I want to extend an olive branch to the other faction. We can work together and achieve great things with this club.

“We can always agree on the way forward without involving so many parties.”

Mule’s sentiments have been echoed by Noah Wanyama, father to former Leopards and now Southampton midfielder Victor Wanyama.

“I really want Ingwe to be stable and this can only be achieved if we come together,” he said.

Ingwe beat Wazito 2-1 on Saturday to qualify for the round of 16 of the GOtv Shield tournament. They now shift focus to the Top 8 tournament where they will face Tusker this weekend.

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