Irate Man United Fan Throws Plate at Pogba

Manchester United start Pogba had a plate thrown at him and was backed into a corner by furious fans after snubbing an autograph.

Cops were called to a curry house when the Manchester United aces’s refusal sparked a frenzied melee.

Onlookers said the Reds supporters accuse the £89million Frenchmen, 23, of disrespecting them by refusing to sign his name on a token.

Camera phone footage shows two of the lads trying to square up to the £290,000-a-week midfielder as pals and staff desperately try to hold them back.

One onlooker said: “The row escalated very quickly and it looked like there was going to be punches thrown.

“The lads were furious that Pogba had the nerve to say no to their request for an autograph

“But Pogba was enjoying a quiet meal with friends and felt uncomfortable with the attention.

“They were desperately trying to square up to him and it could easily have turned physical if it weren’t for the staff and their pals holding them back.

“As the world’s most expensive footballer, he’s an easy target for lads trying to show off like that. He dealt with it very well.”

Staff at popular Akbar’s in Manchester city centre called police after the row, just after 11.40pm on Monday evening, but officers did not attend after the situation diffused.

The lads had been Snapchatting videos of Pogba minding his own business before approaching him for an autograph.

He politely declined, sparking accusations of him being disrespectful to fans who help pay for his mammoth salary.

Akbar’s is known as one of Manchester’s best-loved Indian restaurants, with a string of awards to its name.

But former manager Mohammed Asif, 45, collapsed and died there in December 2013 due to a heart attack suffered after a row with a party of ten customers over an unpaid bill – The Sun

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