Nyamweya: Rivals Have Nothing to Offer Kenyan Football

Football Kenya Federation (FKF) President, Sam Nyamweya, has hit out at his opponents in the forthcoming football elections saying “they are pretenders and insincere individuals who have nothing to offer Kenyan football.”

Speaking during an afternoon campaign meeting in Nairobi West branch, the FKF boss said the same people he had entrusted with responsibilities at the federation cannot masquerade as agents of change. 


“They are going round saying they want change yet I gave them work to do and they did not performance, ” he said. 
“If they say I failed then they are the ones who did because I delegated responsibility to them. 

“One was in charge of players transfers and he presided over untold mess at the federation. He has disappeared with all records and even transfered our players to Somalia. 

“The other was in charge of leagues and competitions and the story of her incompetence is well known so when someone now comes in the name of change then there is something wrong.”

Best bet

Nyamweya, who is defending his seat as federation president, said he was the best person to transform football because all the others have no experience to withstand the negative energy and football politics. 

“All these fellows have no spine to repulse the forces of doom, watamezwa na hawa wakora (they will be drowned by these crooks). But they fear me because I tell them off when they go wrong or simply want to destabilize the federation and that is one thing none of my opponents is able to do.”

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