Ochomo Let off the Hook by the IDCC

Muhoroni Youth forward, Wycliffe Ochomo, has escaped punishment from the Kenyan Premier League Independent Disciplinary and Complains Committee (IDCC) which has cleared him of unsporting charges.

IDCC late February opened disciplinary proceedings against the seasoned player after he was caught on camera as he seemed to stick his finger on the butt of Posta Rangers defender Joakins Atudo during a league match on February 14.

Although the forward later explained he had no concealed motives, the IDCC opened investigations while also inviting him to offer an explanation.

The Migai Aketch-chaired committee has now ruled that Ochomo did not violate Rule 6 of the KPL Fair Play Code.

“We are satisfied that Ochomo gave a reasonable explanation for his action and see no reason to penalize him for it. We would, however, advise Ochomo to refrain from using gestures that might be misinterpreted whilst communicating with other players on the field,” the IDCC said.

Ochomo, who has banged three goals since the controversy, told the committee that he ‘had merely patted Atudo’s behind to alert him that he (Atudo) had stepped on his (Ochomo’s) right thigh.’

He further testified that his action had not upset Atudo who did not attend the hearing.

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