OFFICIAL:Isibania Finds New Owners

Cash-strapped National Super League(NSL) side Isibania FC has a new owner and will be named Migori United FC, Fourfourtwomedia can reveal.
The Migori based side has been struggling to stay afloat and lack of finances have forced the previous owner Daniel Musta to relinquish its ownership to Migori Youth Academy Owner Mohamed Aziz.
According to Aziz, the move has been made to ensure that the team remains in the league and has an appeal that will attract sponsors and talent from the region.
‘We have decided to take over Isibania Football Club in order to rescue it from the current financial problems and also make it have a Migori County appeal,’
‘We will change the structures at the club to make it look more professional and also recruit fresh young players from the region,’ Aziz told Fourfourtwomedia on Thursday.
‘The team is currently in a bad state and their position in the league tells it all,’
‘We shall try change everything and hopefully survive the chop,’ he said.
The club has been struggling to stay afloat and has just managed to survive in the league as all the players were paying their own transport to honor league fixtures.
The lack of financial motivation has had an adverse effect on their performance and they have lost four matches on the trot.


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