Rollball WC: Kenya Thrash Senegal

The Kenya team on Friday night beat Senegal 4-0 in her first match of the rollball World Cup taking place in Bangladesh.

Moses Atenya, George Mburu, Allan Amuma and Albert Omware scored for Kenya in a game that was played at a high tempo.

Jared Onyango’s boys scored two goals in each half to seal what looked like an easy win. He attributed good conditions to his side’s quick start in the tournament.

“The game was too fast and the Senegal team were very aggressive and extremely confident but due to our training capability we managed to contain them and settle down to learn their game and we eventually won.”

 Captain Moses Atenya said  “We knew we would defeat Senegal from the previous match played against them.”

“They have really improved and even changed some of the players. As a team we will always trust in God and are doing g it for God and the country with an attitude of a lion,” he said.

The Ladies team take on Thailand on Saturday.

Rollball is a game played between two teams of 12 players. Out of 12, only 6 players are allowed to play on court at a time. This game is played on skates. The ball can be held in single hand or both hands, even during passing. A player must dribble the ball while carrying it. In this players of both team has to goal and the team who is able to goal more than the opponent team wins. There are two referees in a match.This game was created by Raju Dabhade of Pune City, India, while he was the sports teacher at MES Bal Shikshan Mandir, English Medium School, and is also the Secretary of the International Rollball Federation.

The court size can vary from 28m to 40m in length and 15m to 20m in width. The court consist of a center line. Penalty line is drawn 4.5m or 3.5m away from goal. Free Throw line or Goalkeeper’s line or D arena is 3.5m to 2.5m away from goal. The playing court is marked by 5 cm boundary line. All other line are marked by red or white color. The court is hard and is made of Concrete, Tar, Mat or Wood. A 3-meter line is drawn as safety margin outside the boundary line.

The first Rollball world cup was held at the Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex in Pune in Maharashtra state of the Republic of India. This was held from 17 April 2011 to 22 April 2011. Denmark was the winner. Host India was the runner-up.

2013 World Cup

The second World Cup was held in Nairobi, Kenya from 3 to 6 October 2013. It was won by INDIA by defeating the inaugural champions Iran in the final.

2015 World Cup

The hosts India won the 3rd Roll ball World Cup by beating Iran by 6-4 in the final.It was held in pune in balewadi stadium. Additional info by Wikipedia 

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