Sports Registrar Given 60 Days to Transit KVF

Office of the Sports Registrar has been given 60 days by Sports Disputes Tribunal to aid the transition of Kenya Volleyball Federation (KVF) as a registered sport body in accordance with the Sport Act 2013.

This came after the Tribunal ruled in favour of KVF in a case where Gideon Njine had taken the said Federation to court alongside Sports Registrar and Principal Secretary-Ministry of Sports and Culture for failing to abide with the Sports Act.

The tribunal relied on the affidavits filed by the Sports Registrar to reject the plea by Njine who wanted KVF declared an illegal sporting entity.

KVF Disbanded

Njine who described himself in the petition as a ‘public and spirited Citizen who has alocus standi in the case and deserves to be heard’ wanted KVF disbanded for failing to comply with the Act which required all sports federations and clubs to had registered a fresh before July 31, 2014.

But the tribunal dismissed his appeal saying that the case was premature before directing the registrar to transit KVF within 60 days after the ruling which was delivered last Tuesday evening.

“Registrar of Sports do ensure registration of KVF under section 49 (3) within sixty days from the date hereof,” read part of the ruling delivered by Football Kenya Federation Vice chairman, Robert Asembo in the presence of the Tribunal chairman, John Ohaga who never uttered a word in the entire ruling.

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Njine had also asked the tribunal to order the current office bearers to vacate office and a caretaker committee put in place to run volleyball affairs. He further wanted the officials barred from contesting any office in the coming election had the case gone in his favour but the tribunal ruled against his request.

“We therefore opine that the tribunal cannot for the foregoing reasons declare the current leadership of KVF out of office nor appoint a caretaker committee for the reason that the non-transition and non-registration is not for inexplicable reasons.”

Dissatisfied with ruling

Njine immediately expressed dissatisfaction with the ruling saying that he will seek other alternative options.

“By giving the federation sixty days to register, it means they will still continue holding office and nothing has changed. I am going back to consult my advisor then see what we can do after that” said Njine, himself a former players and referee.

The tribunal seek to determine whether the petitioner had a locus standi (case before the court); Whether KVF was an illegal sports organization within the permits of the Sports Act provisions and whether there was room for remedy for a sports organization such as KVF which had failed to beat the July 2014 deadline could be accorded.

This was the fourth case among the many that are pending at the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) housed tribunal to have been concluded.

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